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Petrapeace has led/is leading many Music as Therapy workshops at Care Homes and Day Centres per year, mainly in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

Each month Peter has the following regular commitments (available to all) -

Music for Peace - a drop-in for anyone of any colour, age or creed at All Saints Cummunity Rooms, Mundesley, N Norfolk of live piano meditative music to relax, restore and renew - 2 - 4pm on the 3rd Monday of the month.  Occasionally the date may vary - email Peter for details for any particular month

One-off events available to the general public  in the past, to name just a few, have included:

Workshops in which Music, Mindfulness and Creativity are combined to re-set our body/mind/spirit to ‘factory settings’ where stress, busyness, anger and other burdens no longer hold sway

Residential weeks on 'Music Healing and Creativity' and 'Creative Release' at Retreat Houses in the UK 

Rhythm and Moves - Weekend workshops of music and movement for the disadvantaged, co-led by Fara Afifi, as a residential course in various settings. 

Evening or afternoon talks to charitable groups on how to use music to enhance wellbeing and complement other therapies

For information about current and forthcoming events, please see the blog, which you can sign up to by email.