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Welcome To petrapeace

 This is a place where you can find music to release, relax, restore, renew and revitalise - music which has taken many from a place of conflict to a place of peace almost instantly. Peter plays this 'soaking music' on piano or keys.

Petrapeace albums of soaking music  have been heard in over 40 countries - in various settings ranging from hospices to restaurants. Petrapeace uses music to address the needs of individuals with terminal and chronic illness, and to help release others from the chains of the past. Or to slow down brains and bodies in overdrive due to the stresses of modern living, to encourage sleep, or dissipate anger.

Peter's main events in 2019 - 2020

Worship leading at one of the Alpha courses currently running weekly in Trunch (till 4 Dec 2019)

Band member (leading sometimes) on Sunday mornings (11am) at the Café Service, Mundesley Community Rooms

Open Door in the Community Rooms, Mundesley - music/song for those living with dementia - 10am 15 Nov and 20 Dec 2019

Music as Therapy afternoon - Lifecraft, Cambridge - Mon 4 November 2019

Music for Peace - soaking therapy at Mundesley Community Rooms on the 3rd Monday every month 2-4pm

To be arranged - a week in South Wales involving soaking music etc in spring or autumn 2020 

Other events being organised

Music provision at free regular events -

'Music for Peace' , Café Services and Alpha courses as above.

Craft/Wellbeing events - playing/selling Peter's CDs and talking about music therapy and available sessions/courses in the area. One remaining Craft Fair with Peter and June this year at the Methodist Church N Walsham  9 Nov                            

Also - Closed sessions at Care Homes, Day Centres, Centres for the Disadvantaged etc

Cromer Hospital uses Peter's CDs to calm the mood of patients awaiting procedures there.

See a video clip of Peter running an Alzheimers Café music session by clicking on

      Further details about Petrapeace music can be found on the 'About' page, and latest news and updates are in the blog.